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2022-05-13 04:00:17 By : Mr. Adam Lin

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Stone Industrial, a global die casting manufacturer introduces a casting method named aluminum die casting . Stone Industrial is a group of engineers and companies in one-stop mechanical industries in China. It is located at 712 Shi Dai Guang Chang, No. 2 Zong Fu Lu, Chengdu. The company representative explained, “Through the 20 years of journey, Stone Industrial has become one important character in supply chain management, manufacturing, quality control, and solution providing.”

Stone Industrial introduced zinc die casting  recently. Die casting is an economical and efficient manufacturing process, and this manufacturing process is used to generate geometrically complex metal parts shaped by reusable molds, called dies. Typically, these dies offer a long service life, and they can also produce visually attractive components with high accuracy. This is why die casting is efficient and effective.

The company representative added, “The process of die casting involves the use of a die casting machine, molten metal, furnace, and a die that has been specifically fabricated for the part to be cast.” The metal is melted in the furnace, then the die casting machine injects that melted metal into the dies. For this die casting process, Stone Industrial has 2 major kinds of die casting machines. They are a hot chamber machine and cold chamber machine.

Hot chamber machines are used for alloys with low melting temperatures, like Zinc. At the same time, cold chamber machines are used for alloys with high melting temperatures, such as aluminum. Die casting produces extremely high production rates with parts that need little or even no machining. This is broadly used to produce industrial, commercial, and consumer products. For example, gears, housings, parts of sink faucets, toys, automobiles, and so on.

Customers can contact Stone Industrial via phone, fax, or email. Go to their official website to find their contacts. Besides China, this mechanical company also has filiales in Germany and the United States of America. The US filiale is in Suite 1200 Richardson, Texas. While the German filiale is in Am Boscheler Berg 4b Herzogenrath. Their official website will also let you know other services that Stone Industrial offers.

For example, they also provide services of gardening, construction, sanitary, automotive, and many more. The company representative promised, “We offer expertise, we provide solutions, and we manage quality.” So, there is no need to doubt their professionality.

Media Contact Company Name: Stone Industrial Co., Ltd. Contact Person: Song Xiaopeng Email: Send Email Phone: +86 28 8666 2034 Address:712 Shi Dai Guang Chang, No. 2 Zong Fu Lu City: Chengdu 610016 Country: China Website:

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